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Reebok Nano 5.0 Review

Just like many of you, we couldn’t wait to do a Reebok Nano 5.0 review and try them on ourselves. They definitely did not disappoint as a crossfit shoe. The first thing we noticed when unboxing them was that in our opinion they looked better than the Reebok Nano 4.0’s. After picking them up they immediately felt lighter. Comparing to Reebok’s last version, these are actually a little lighter at 9.7 ounces. Next, we noticed they said the word Kevlar on them, referring to the high quality military-grade lightweight material used for armor among other things. In reviewing, we felt the outside visual look was very similar to the Crossfit Nanos of last year.

Nano 5.0 Fuschia
Nano 5.0 Fuschia

The comfort and feel was next up for review. As soon as we started to slip them on we noticed the new tongue, and we loved it. The last version has a very thick tongue and the Reebok Nano 5.0 has a lightweight thinner tongue. We also noticed the top of the shoe was softer. Reebok replaced the heavy thick material that was on the top of the Nano 4’s with a light material that is reinforced with the Kevlar mentioned earlier. The reason they designed the shoe this way is so that you don’t rip up your shoes during rope climbs. It is really nice to see innovation here, because we were not fans of the thick upper before. In our opinion these changes are where the shoe really shines.

Lastly, we had to get some good crossfit workouts in for a proper review. On the warmup jog we came to the conclusion that the Nano 5.0’s are more comfortable for running than the 4.0’s. Where they really shine over the 4’s is in crossfit wods that include exercises where you flex your foot, such as pushups, burpees, and lunges, for example. That’s because of the new material they used on the top of the shoe. The thick rope climb protection didn’t flex and dug into your foot. That problem is completely gone. The bottom of the Nano 5.0’s seems flatter than the 4.0’s as well, which should payoff in your Olympic lifts. Overall, many improvements were made in these shoes. As our Reebok Nano 5.0 review implies, and as can be attested by many top athletes in the sport, Reebok continues to stay on top of the game.

Crossfit Open 15.1 with Reebok Nano 4.0’s and Speed Shorts

If you watched the Crossfit Open Workout 15.1 live announcement you saw Mat Fraser take on reigning champion Rich Froning. Now if you’re as big a fan of crossfit gear as we are you may have been wondering what they were wearing. Well, Fraser was wearing Reebok Nano 4.0’s in silvery green and Reebok Speed Short 75 in black. Froning was wearing his new Reebok Compete 6:14 shoe with the same Reebok Speed Short. We decided, why not copy Fraser, and wear the same shoes and shorts as him. Unfortunately we didn’t beat Froning either.

Froning and Fraser doing 15.1
Froning and Fraser doing 15.1

You have to figure if Mat Fraser is choosing to wear the Nano’s and Speed Shorts for the workout that they’d also be the best choice for you. I definitely think this is true. The Nano’s are light, which is a nice to have for the toes-to-bar. They’re also good as a lifting shoe, with a stable heel that works for the deadlifts and snatches. They’re also more comfortable than a heavy lifting shoe, which would wear on you in a 15 minute workout. Considering the weight is rather light, the toughest part of the workout for most people is the toes-to-bar. That’s where the Nano becomes preferred over a lifting shoe.

We think there are several good models of Reebok crossfit shorts that would work for Open Workout 15.1. Mat Fraser likely picked these shorts because they are very lightweight yet more on the comfortable side, which is key in a 15 minute workout. The little bit of elasticity is really nice in the short. They can be a little more form fitting, but because of the elastane, you don’t notice that they’re a little tighter to the body. Unrelated to the workout, the pocket can come in really handy to store a pair of keys, and has a zipper so you don’t have to worry about losing your keys when upside down walking on your hands.

Reebok Nano 4 and Speed Short lift
Doing Crossfit Open workout 15.1

We didn’t do as well as Mat Fraser either, but we certainly gave the workout our all. The Nano’s were definitely better than non-crossfit shoes for the olympic lifts. The shorts were just the right length to not be a nuisance. They also breathed very well despite the massive amounts of sweat. And in the end, I hit 92% of my 1 rep max on the clean and jerk! So, a great workout and I’m feeling good! #BeMoreHuman


Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0

With all the hype around the Reebok Nano 4.0 release, you may have missed another big Reebok release: the Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0!


Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0

Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0

This shoe was released earlier this month, and so far it has received good marks. Reebok has bulked up this shoe when compared to the original Crossfit Lifter Plus. While they are still not as stable as the Romaleos, they definitely feel closer to an Olympic lifter shoe than previous versions. For those of you who don’t know, the “Plus” in the Lifter Plus comes from the second toe strap, so naturally, this shoe still features the dual straps. The duel straps, as well as the U-Form technology, gives this shoe a nice personalized fit. They also seem to have a wider fit than other lifters out there. While this shoe feels a bit clunkier than its predecessor, it provides a lot of cushioning from the insole and upper. This is pretty unusual for an Olympic lifter, but Reebok seems to be trying to bridge the gap a bit between a true lifter, and a shoe with more WOD potential.

 Bottom line:
The Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0 is one of the more comfortable Olympic lifters, and Reebok has taken this version slightly more towards the Lifter side than the previous version. Also, if you have a wide foot and find that other lifters don’t quite fit, be sure to check these out.

Weight: ??
Price: $174.99

Check out the Lifter Plus 2.0 here

Nike Crossfit Shoes

Nike is among the premier brands for athletic shoes. If you are in the market for Crossfit shoes, Nike Crossfit shoes should be on your radar. They offer several different models, each focusing on a specific type of Crossfit athlete. Nike Crossfit shoes tend to be high performance, durable shoes with a snug fit. Here are a few of the Nike shoes you should be sure to check out.



Nike Free Trainers (3.0 & 5.0)

  Nike Free 5 Crossfit Shoes


The Free Trainers focus on shoe flexibility. This series of shoe is popular among runners, but is gaining traction in the Crossfit industry. They offer a lightweight feel and are very breathable. The natural shape of the heal provides good control on uneven surfaces. Both of these shoes are light and are more  flexible than the traditional athletic shoe. The 5.0 model is more durable and rigid when compared to the 3.0 counterpart, however the additional support makes it more suitable for intense Crossfit routines. The 3.0 is the lightest Nike Free Trainer, built for speed. Its has an amazing amount toe to heal flexibility. This is useful for exercises which use a lot of foot flexibility such as burpees and walking lunges. Both of these shoes are tailored more for running than Crossfit, and are not ideal for consistent heavy lifts.

Bottom line:
The 5.0 is a solid all-around Crossfit shoe for those looking for a light and flexible feel that can still withstand the rigors of a typical Crossfit WOD.
I wouldn’t recommend the Nike Free 3.0 for a new Crossfitter due to it’s minimal foot support, however if your focus is on building overall foot strength and a natural running motion, then this is a shoe worth looking into. It can be especially useful as a transition to 5 finger shoes.

Weight: 8.2 oz
Price: $80.00



Nike LunarTR1

NIke Lunar TR1 Crossfit Shoes


The Lunar TR1 was designed to be a high end, all around versatile shoe for every workout. It offers the Nike Flywire technology on the top of the shoe that reduces weight while still providing a supportive and snug fit. The inside of the shoe has a sleeve that conforms to your foot, adapting to your foot shape. This Crossfit shoe also provides you with great durability, so expect a long life from these Nike’s. And while these shoes are not tailored specifically for heavy lifting, they will stand up to your heavy Crossfit lifts.

Bottom line:
This is one of the better shoes I’ve seen for an all-around Crossfit shoe.

Weight: 11.4oz
Price:  $75.00



Nike Romaleos 2

Nike Romaleo 2 Crossfit Shoe


These shoes are specifically crafted for weightlifting, and are in the top tier of that category. They have a steep price tag, but if you are a serious Olympic lifter, then you won’t be disappointed with this purchase. They are lightweight for shoes in its category, and give you a ton of support. The shoe features both integrated lacing, as well as, two power straps to firmly hold your foot in place. Of course, they are designed with the traditional heel wedge, but they also have the Nike TPU heel cup that support your foot under a lot of stress.

Bottom line:
This shoe is for serious Olympic weightlifting, and will not be of much use for most of the Crossfit workouts you will do. However, if you are someone who wants top quality and is willing to use a specific shoe for your specific Crossfit exercise, then you should consider this shoe.

Weight: 15.8 oz
Price: $189.99

Asics Crossfit Shoes

Asics offers great shoes for Crossfit, no matter what activities are in your WOD. Asics Crossfit shoes tend to be among the most comfortable out there, while still offering a durable and light construction. This combination of comfort and durability comes from the gel and EVA construction of the shoes. If you want to perform Crossfit workouts, then Asics Crossfit shoes are ones you should definitely look into. They offer several options, but here are some of our favorites:



Asics GEL-Intensity 3



This Crossfit shoe offers a balanced design, and can stand up nicely to almost all Crossfit workouts. It combines Asics top-of-the-line running technology with comfort and support. The GEL-Intensity has a 2-layer mid-sole with both rear-foot and fore-foot gel cushioning. This shoe also provides great lateral support with its fore-foot brace.

Bottom line:
This is a great all-around Crossfit shoe.

Weight: 12.2 oz
Price: $110.00



Asics Lift Trainer


This shoe was inspired by professional weight lifting shoes, but offers more flexibility and comfort than typical lifting shoes. The heel of the shoe has been raised while the fore-foot height is decreased. This puts your foot in the correct lifting position to provide the best opportunity for explosiveness and power throughout the entire lift. There is also a mid-sole strap that gives you the comfortable fit you want.

Bottom line:
This shoe is great for power lifts and kettle bell workouts.

Weight: 13.8 oz
Price: $125.00



GEL-Craze™ TR


The GEL-Craze TR is a light, durable, and comfortable option for Crossift. Unlike the Asics GEL-Intensity and the Asics Lift Trainer, this shoe is a running-based trainer. It has flex grooves to provide great flexibility suitable for running.

Bottom line:
As a running shoe, these shoes stand out with their light weight and felxible design, but these are not recommended for heavy-lift Crossfit WODs.

Weight: 9.9 oz
Price: $85.00